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"Tell them I never gave up".

KWMF had the incredible opportunity to sponsor and support wonderful young man that moved from North Carolina, Jesse Hourigan. Jesse arrived in Fenton early summer of 2011, signed up for the Tigers summer baseball team and instantly became a Pitcher for the Fenton Tigers. Jesse immediately fit in with his new team, players, and made new friends that would soon need to rally around him in a way they never could have expected. During late 2011 during wrestling practice Jesse started feeling unusually tired so blood tests were ordered. The next day, Jesse, a strong 17-year old Junior was admitted to Hurley Medical Center for chemotherapy. Jesse was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. To make it worse Jesse was carrying the Philadelphia chromosome, which makes his leukemia much more severe. Adding to Jesse's struggles, during his third treatment he had a toxic reaction to the chemotherapy which caused reversible damage to many organs. Jesse has had to relearn how to talk, feed himself and part of the outcome was confined to a wheelchair due to the neurological damage, specifically lack of coordination. After struggling for over a year Jesse went Home to be with our Father on March 6, 2013. 45 will always be in our hearts and as Jesse said "Tell them I Never Gave Up".
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Jesse has gone home

Jesse & Mom

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for all blessings big and small. Thank you, Father, for personally blessing my life with the gift of our son Jesse Scott Hourigan. This gift has changed my life forever. As a family, we have experienced so many wonderful adventures, having many homes & making so many friends around the nation. I’m also thankful for the hard times because during those times we grew as individuals, bonded as a family and most importantly trusted in You. Lord, I cried out to You on the day of Jesse’s diagnosis, repeatedly saying, “Not now Lord, please don’t take him now, I’m not ready!”. Thank You Lord for answering my prayer. Thank you for giving me, us, more time with Jesse. From the day of diagnosis, December 7, 2011 thru the day You called him home, March 6, 2013, I trusted and will always trust in Your plan. Lord, it sure was a rocky road with many highs and lows but I know I was covered in love and prayers because of the peace I’ve had during the most difficult times.

I am so thankful that Jesse asked Jesus into his heart at a young age and professed his faith with Baptism in Colorado. Lord, I thank You for the opportunity to share my faith and testimony with Jesse especially when he expressed concern about his salvation because of ‘fun’ things he liked to do. I shared with Jesse that You loved him no matter what and that it did not take the 15 times of asking Jesus into his heart for it ‘to stick’. Lord, thank You for blessing us in the last 15 months with Jesse and having the privilege to see his heart change and soften.

Thank You Lord for taking Jesse home where there is no pain or sorrow. Thank You for restoring his body to like new again, so he can run, oh, run so fast, no more wheelchairs, ramps, handicap parking, family restrooms, neck towels, Jesse is free! I know Jesus met Jesse with open arms and a huge hug, waiting their turns were his Great Grandad & Grandmom, Abbo & Grandy, Great Grandpa Diffin, Great Grandpa LaFreniere, Great Grandpa Thomas, Great Uncle Kenny and so, so, many more. I am so thankful Jesse promised me that he too would be first in line to great me when I go home.

Lord, I know You sacrificed Your son, Jesus Christ, for our salvation. I, too, know how it feels and I give You thanks for the peace You are pouring over me and my family.

In Jesus Name, I pray all of these things, Amen.

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Everyone enjoyed getting to know and spend time with Jesse and his amazing friends & family.