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"So, there are several factors Jesse has to overcome and a lot of praying to do. Jesse is mentally preparing for the next chapter of his journey". June 4, 2012

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Stricken but still fighting - Cancer patient, Fenton pitcher has zest for life & Tiger baseball

You're a Fighter Jesse - Fenton

When members of Katie’s Foundation began their search for a local
youth battling cancer that they could help, and grant a wish to, they
did not have to look too far or for too long.

Over the past several weeks, Mary Ann and Chip Beltinck of Katie’s Foundation
asked community members if there was anyone they could help. They even
talked with their children Autumn and Logan to see if they knew of anyone that
needed help. The teens were quick to point out that Jesse, a well-liked student
relatively new to Fenton High School, would be the natural choice.

On Monday, Jesse Hourigan, 17, of Fenton, along with his parents Scott and Ingrid
and younger sister Savannah, visited the Beltinck’s Fenton Township home
to meet them in person for the first time. The Beltincks and friend Steve Adams,
through their involvement with Katie’s Foundation, have stepped up to help Jesse
and his family with his fight against leukemia.

As Ingrid glanced at her son, she said softly, “You’re a fighter, Jesse.”

Mary Ann told the Hourigans that Katie’s Foundation intends to rally around
their family, and future families. “God puts certain things in front of us that
we don’t understand. Our hearts are in the right place. God will give us the right family every time.”

Adams told the Hourigans about Katie Wyatt and what an amazing person she was. Adams hopes to be involved as Jesse continues with his journey to better health. “We’re here to help,” he said.

Adams also handed Jesse a green golf ball from a shipment he just received on Monday. The ball will be used in Katie’s Game, which will be held in August, to raise funds for Katie’s Foundation. In return, Jesse handed Adams, and all of the other guests, a “Jesse’s Journey” bracelet.

When asked if there was anything he wanted, or anyone he wanted to meet, Jesse said without a doubt that he wanted to spend a day with George “Rush” St. Pierre, a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter from Canada.

While the Beltincks and others with Katie’s Foundation work on making Jesse’s wish come true, he will continue his fight. He was admitted Tuesday to the University of Michigan Hospital to undergo another round of chemotherapy.

Mary Ann Beltinck, of Katie’s Foundation, slips on a “Jesse’s Journey” wristband that Jesse Hourigan gave to her when she met him in person at her home on Monday. The Foundation will be helping Jesse and his family through his journey of battling leukemia.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 10:06 am
On Saturday morning, Jesse Hourigan spent the minutes before Fenton’s varsity baseball game doing what he had done so many times the day of a ball game. Jesse Hourigan was planning on pitching and playing in the outfield for the Fenton baseball team this season before he was blindsided by a severe case of leukemia in December.

The 17-year-old hurler spent some time throwing some warm-up pitches before the Fenton Tigers began their first game of the Wood-Bat Classic with Flint Powers. Hourigan transferred to Fenton High School this year after his family relocated from North Carolina. He was healthy, energetic and talented. An instant fit with the Tigers’ summer baseball program and had plans to join the wrestling team at Fenton this past winter.

Then, out of nowhere, his life changed.

“He just started feeling real sick. He was tired all the time, looked green, so I took him in to get his blood work done and the next thing we knew he was in chemo therapy,” said his mother, Ingrid Hourigan. “It hit us very unexpectedly because he was so healthy. He worked out all the time, he ate well, was getting ready to join the wrestling team… it just happened so suddenly.”

Jesse has since had to settle for an inspirational role as a member of the Tigers team. He threw out the ceremonial first pitch, from his wheelchair, for the Fenton Wooden Bat Tournament Saturday.

The Fenton players took the field Saturday all wearing a No. 45 jersey – Jesse’s number. Their support is not lost on Jesse, who has since suffered neurological brain damage after having a toxic reaction to his chemo therapy during the third week of treatment.

“It means so much to me,” said Jesse, seemingly in good spirits, prior to the start of Fenton’s game against Flint Powers Catholic Saturday. “(The team) has been super to me and a lot of fun. (It’s) been good.”
The Grest Escape - for kids It’s Simple…

Up-cycle those DVD's your kids have outgrown and help us build an awesome
DVD movie library for patients between the ages of 1-18.

Jesse enjoys passing time by watching a good movie. He and his dad often quote movie lines
when least expected, always envoking a smile or good laugh.

This idea came after seeing the time and money spent going to get the next movie.
The solution seemed simple... Pool our available resources to easily create something
so beneficial for sick children that would like to travel the world, seek some action/adventure or
experience a good belly laugh, all in the comfort of their own room. Hence, ~ The Great Escape ~

If you would like to join us with this project...please send your used caseless DVD movies to us!

(Please note: We are doing this for fun! Our intent is not for anyone to spend $.
We are NOT a non-profit organization, so we do not provide donation receipts.)

The Great Escape Facebook Page

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March 6, 2012

The world lost a fighter Wednesday night. Jesse Hourigan, who turned 18 last September,
passed away Wednesday, March 6, 2012 after a courageous battle with
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). He was diagnosed with ALL on Dec. 7, 2011.

Many in the Fenton community were drawn to Jesse and wrapped their collective arms
around him and his entire family after they moved to Fenton in 2011, just months before his
diagnosis. Hundreds have been following blogs written regularly by Jesse’s mother Ingrid,
who posted Jesse’s progress, and setbacks, as they occurred.

Speaking for the Katie Wyatt Memorial Foundation, “Jesse’s heart was as big as his smile.
He loved to laugh, he loved to joke around, he loved his movies, he loved his music, and he
loved his books. “But mostly, he loved his family. No mother had a more adoring son, no father
was ever more proud, and no sister has ever had a big brother that cared more than he did."

“We have lost a special member of the Fenton family, with Jesse’s passing, and we will miss
seeing his huge smile, dearly. 45 will always survive in our hearts.”

In Ingrid Hourigan’s latest blog from Thursday, she wrote how Jesse was a gift from God, which changed her life forever. She expressed how thankful they all were for having experienced so many wonderful adventures, having many homes and making so many friends around the nation.

“From the day of diagnosis, Dec. 7, 2011 thru the day You called him home, March 6, 2013, I trusted and will always trust in Your plan.

Jesse was a Fighter and "Never Gave Up!"